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Update :13h - 4/20/2018
Meet us in AIR CARGO AMERICAS 2013 at Miami

The 2011 Air Cargo Americas International Congress and Exhibition was the largest air cargo exhibition in the Western Hemisphere. Aviation leaders in the Western Hemisphere developed the show and conference in 1991 as a forum for aviation executives to exchange views, develop strategies to enhance the growth of the air cargo industry in the Americas and showcase the latest products and technologies. The 2013 show offers excellent opportunities for companies to market their products and services to the leading manufacturers, exporters, freight forwarders, importers and distributors in the Western Hemisphere.

The World Trade Center Miami announces that Air Cargo & SeaCargo Americas, the largest show and conference in the Western Hemisphere, is scheduled for November 6-8, 2013.

Plane taking off

The purpose of Air Cargo & SeaCargo Americas is to increase two-way trade and business opportunities for the seaports, maritime and aviation companies, airports, and related logistics focused industries in the Western Hemisphere.

At the 2011 show and conference, more than 7,000 international maritime and aviation executives attended the show from more than 65 countries. Exhibitors at the 2011 show reported more than $101 million in actual and reported sales, and the conference featured leading executives and government officials responsible for the future direction of the aviation and maritime industries in the Americas.


"What's Next in Cargo Security?"

On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 4:00 p.m., Richard Roffman, publisher of and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show "Made in America, will moderate a panel of distinguished experts on cargo security. The panel will address the latest regulations, potential problems and security challenges that shippers, logistics companies and the international transportation industry are confronting, as well as what regulations they anticipate might be in the making.

Compliance with all of the complex security procedures and data requirements, cargo theft, embezzlement and lost cargo place a heavy cost on shippers, forwarders and carriers. The industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on cargo security to ensure compliance with governmental regulations and ensure that shipments move in a secure and expeditiously manner.

Although many countries have followed the United States' lead, using the framework recommended by the World Customs Organization on advance data collection, risk-based targeting, non-intrusive inspections with X-ray and radiation detection machines and customs-to-customs collaboration, each country's regulations has differences that can become pitfalls resulting in hefty penalties. The panelists will provide their views on what shippers, forwarders and carriers should be doing individually and jointly to minimize the cost of compliance, avoid hefty penalties and reduce their exposure to security threats.

The panelists are Mark Hatfield, Federal Security Director, Department of Homeland Security (confirmed), Douglas Brittin, Secretary General of The International Air Cargo Association (confirmed) and Mark Tierney, Vice President, Corporate Security, Maersk.


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